Signature Leadership Development Programs


Founded by Tom Paterson, LifePlanning™ is a proactive approach to reach higher potential and make a more significant contribution with your life. The LifePlan™ principles have helped top executives, marketplace professionals, ministry leaders, stay-at-home parents, college graduates, married couples, and youth to maneuver through the crossroads of life and discover how to discern God’s path for them, discover a better balance their personal and work lives, and learn how to become more effective for the Kingdom of God. The LifePlanning™ process has been evolving since 1966 and was birthed out of the grief and loss of Tom Paterson’s beloved daughter and, later, the death of a son.

How does the 2 Day LifePlan™ Intensive Retreat work?

The LifePlan Retreat is a customized two-day process that is built on spiritually and behaviorally sound foundations which encompass all life domains: personal, family, vocation, church, and community. In a LifePlan experience, you are guided through four phases, each customized to who you are and where you are at the current stage of your life.

MaxLife Leadership Retreats

MaxLife Leadership Retreats are designed to help you on your journey of significance. You will learn how to develop key life statements, strategic plan, or simply rest and renew. These retreats are designed to be experiential and facilitative, not lecture based. Each retreat follows a transformative learning approach.

This is a powerful practice of leaving one’s everyday life to connect on a deeper level. Too often retreating is viewed as an enemy of productivity, not realizing that is a requirement for productivity. This is a powerful tool to being the best version of oneself as a leader.


Women’s Leadership Retreat 

Focus: Rest & Renewal

Timeframe: 3 Day/2 Night or 5 Day/4 Night

This special gathering is comprised of leaders from various backgrounds & seasons of life.


Couples Leadership Retreat 

Focus: Rest & Renewal 

Timeframe: 3 Day/2 Night

This special gathering is comprised of couples from various backgrounds & seasons of life.

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MaxLife Leadership Webinars

MaxLife Leadership Webinars provide a perfect solution for busy leaders. These seminars are conducted virtual from any location with the ability to join via phone and/or computer. Various topics include: Competence Development, Teambuilding, Leadership Skills, Community Development, and Work Strategies.

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MaxLife Leaders Circles

MaxLife Leaders Circles are dedicated to leaders who want to increase their capacity. Through peer collaboration, leaders will work on specific curriculum for 2-3 months in a virtual community.

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