Very educated on the topics, energetic, provided deep insight. Zarat was pleasant and pushed the topics without being pushy or overly direct in her delivery. She was professionally dressed and visually appealing. The facilitator was knowledgeable and engaging. Zarat was professional, approachable and knowledgable of all information presented. Zarat, kept the class light and interactive….GREAT Job Zarat!! Zarat was AWESOME..very personable and very inspirational in wanting me to be the best me, team member, employee that I can be. Be the best I can for the my students, employer, coworkers.

Feedback on Relationship Awareness Workshop


In one word I would say perspective.  I gained a clearer perspective of who I am and who I am not.  I found out some things that I’m naturally wired to be and do has been hindered because of my past and I have been operating in my so called strengths, but not I’m not sure if that is the whole story.  I may have strengths that I thought were weaknesses that I have not tapped in to.  I’m looking forward to unfolding all these truths as I work the plan.

She knew when to engage, when to ask difficult questions and when to bring my others in.  I like the level of trust that was gained in our first couple of hours by her sharing her “story”.  I never worried about the clock and never say her looking at her clock, although I know she had to.  She was an excellent facilitator.

IT Professional


It was indescribable. I truly wish this could be packed in a bottled and opened every weekend of my life. It was amazing to be in the presence of such awesome women spanning many generations gleaning from one another whether it was personal conversations, conversations about rest, or conversations about dreams. God spoke on so many levels, and it was an invaluable time together.

Small Business Owner & Entrepreneur