MaxLife Strategic Leaders Certificate Program – Foundations (November 2019)

November 1, 2019 – 12:00 am

The MaxLife Strategic Leaders Certificate Program is a multi-phased transformational experience that provides high capacity leaders with the tools, insights, and environment needed to make purposeful choices to expand their individual impact in life, family, career, and community. This foundations series is the prerequisite for the intermediate and advanced series.

Designed exclusively for high capacity leaders who want to have more impact and influence on their health and significance

Participants in the Strategic Leaders Certificate Program will benefit from:


How to place a spotlight on one’s life in order to see more clearly


How to add value in all directions, including self


How to give permission to oneself to prioritize health and wellness in life


How to utilize professional development to achieve strategic change


How to leverage insights through peer relationships and learning


How to build in healthy rhythms for life and leadership


How to develop meaningful relationships in community

Critical Thinking

How to engage in critical discourse


How to build a strategic plan for impact


Why the Strategic Leaders Certificate Program….

Even the most seasoned, confident, and competent leaders need time to step away and gain clarity about their lives and commitments, especially when they confront how severely the odds remain to be successful and healthy.

The Strategic Leaders Certificate Program offers these leaders a dynamic and engaging environment to discuss and practice new ways of acting and thinking that is congruent with their purpose, values, and self-concepts, resulting in a stronger vision of their leadership and greater capacity for personal and professional impact.

4 Phases

4 Dimensions of Learning

3 Month

1 Onsite Retreat (virtual option for those who are unable to travel to Atlanta)

1 Transformational Leadership Experience

1 Certificate


Phase 1 – Prepare & Assess (Month 1)

Strategic Leaders Orientation Course (self-directed)

Kick-off Strategic Leaders 60 min Webinar (session will be recorded for ongoing access)

Strategic Leaders Assessment

Personal DISCernment Inventory

Strengths Deployment Inventory (Self & 2 Raters)

30 min Executive Coaching Session

Strategic Leader Map Draft


Phase 2 – Delve Deeper & Discuss (Month 2)

2 Strategic Leaders 60 min Webinars

Topics: Radical Transformational Leadership

Related Assignments


Phase 3 – Engage & Collaborate (Month 3)

Onsite 1-Day Retreat

Engage in experiential exercises on-site

Explore dimensions of learning

Prioritize wholeness and wellness

Test new approaches to strategic leadership

Experience Executive coaching

Engage in Group Learning

Design your Strategic Leaders Capstone Project (Draft)


Phase 4 – Apply & Design (Month 3)

Culminating Strategic Leaders Webinar (session will be recorded for future access)

Strategic Leaders Capstone Project Presentations & Feedback

30 min Executive Coaching Session

Strategic Leader Map


What’s the best way to challenge, support, and empower high capacity leaders?

Let them connect with other high capacity leaders who share similar life and professional experiences. That’s why peer learning is a pivotal component of the Strategic Leaders Certificate Program. Add the guidance of an Executive Coach, Certified Facilitator, and Master Trainer, program participants progressively discover the best ways to makes one’s impact clearly recognized, understood and valued.

As a result of participating, you will learn how to…

Gain clarity on how others perceive you as a leader and how you perceive yourself

Experience the benefits of wellness as a core life strategy

Develop new strategies and behaviors to align with a healthy approach to leadership

Exert greater influence over the choices you make

Build and navigate meaningful relationships

Develop a leadership strategy for social change and impact

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$2,500 per participant

$3,000 per participant with Continuing Education Credit (approximately 2 CEUs, 20 hours of course work)



Multi-phased experience

3-month journey

1 Strategic Leaders Retreat

4 leadership webinars


Average Class Size: 8-10



Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Peer-to-Peer Coaching




Atlanta, Georgia

Language: English

Contact Information

For more information about the MaxLife Strategic Leaders Certificate Program or to apply to the program, visit or contact .


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