[Leadership Workshop] 7 Rhythms of Rest & Renewal (Fielding Grad. Uni.)

July 14, 2017 – 1:00 pm


07/14/2017 Friday 01:00PM – 03:30PM

Fielding Graduate University

7 Rhythms of Rest & Renewal: An Experiential Workshop for Leaders

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! This experiential workshop is a journey to explore 7 rhythms of rest and renewal for leaders. Life Demands. Workplace stress. Caregiving for loved ones. Professional Ambitions. All these can leave one defeated and exhausted. Through storytelling, reflection, and creative exercises, leaders increase awareness on how to build in healthy rhythms. This experiential workshop helps leaders improve personal awareness, increase work-life balance, and achieve more productive results. The certified facilitator will guide the participants through a journey using proven diagnostic tools to help leaders explore the following questions: • What can holistic health look like? • What is my own life story about rest? • What are the challenges in building restful rhythms? • What are key strategies for a more rested life? • What perspective have I gained? • How can I create a Rest & Renewal Plan? Miller et al. (2011) outlined the significant need for holistic learning across the lifespan. “Holistic education attempts to nurture the development of the whole person. This includes the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual” (p. 2). Some of the key features of holistic learning includes (a) transdisciplinary approach, (b) paradigm of complexity, (c) framework for multiple intelligences, (d) dynamic, robust curriculum, (e) communities of learning, and (f) focus on the learner learning, not the teacher teaching. This learning requires keenness to the assets and needs of the whole while differentiating to become more uniquely oneself (high levels of differentiation). This learning emphasizes resilience and sustainability through times of chaos, turbulence, growth, and change. This learning also lends to ongoing life and spiritual actualization. Holistic learning is desperately needed in formal settings for leaders across the lifespan. This experiential workshop emphasizes this type of holistic learning. Through storytelling, reflective activities, and a series of creative exercise, leaders will assess the health of their own lives and create Rest & Renewal Plan. This workshop will highlight how to navigate well the demands and pressures of life using 7 strategies or rhythms of rest & renewal. The workshop will highlight a holistic framework that continues to be utilized by the certified facilitator with leaders in diverse settings. Participants will receive a workbook to capture learnings.